Enduring an Emergency Doesn’t Need to Be a Problem

June 4th, 2016

Catastrophes could happen without notice. Some are man-made and some are definitely the outcome of occurrences in the natural world. Regardless of the sort of catastrophe, individuals can easily be well prepared simply by undertaking particular steps. Subsequent are a few things every individual must have inside a emergency kit all of the time. Every disaster kit must have sleeping bags or warm bedding for family, and individuals living in a cold environment must ensure more household bedding is accessible. A whole change of garments are also suggested, in addition to medications, an additional lot of eyeglasses and also important paperwork which may be required in a catastrophe. This particular emergency kit should contain traveler’s checks and/or cash and also a guide on first aid and even making it through a catastrophe. Make sure you have sufficient food and water for three days for every member of the family along with a means to open the meals. Never forget about matches and personal cleanliness goods too. For more information on the best way to be ready, be sure you look at this useful information from allen baler found at http://www.slideshare.net/allenbaler. Preparation is key to outlasting any disaster and, together with products available on the market now, generating a crisis kit isn’t really tough whatsoever.

Differences Between Glass, Crystal And Acrylic Trophies

September 17th, 2014

Differences Between Glass, Crystal And Acrylic Trophies

One of the most popular forms of rewards and prizes are trophies. There are many famous awards, which established a form that distinguishes different reward worthy persons from others. These awards include the Grammy awards, the Oscars, Music Television (MTV) awards, Screen actors Guild awards, the Golden Globe and many others. These awards are well known because they are mostly offered to celebrities and other renowned persons. It is very simple to distinguish these awards from each other. The Grammy’s trophy for example has the gramophone and the Golden Globe has a globe figurine. MTV awards trophies are even more distinct. The MTV Movie Awards trophy has the popcorn while the MTV Europe Music award has the MTV logo on a metal coil a top a globe.

On the other hand, trophies that are given in business functions and academic ceremonies vary greatly from their famous counterparts. This is because many of the former awards are made from Glass, crystal or acrylic. Companies and organizations, which hold annual award giving ceremonies, have a good reason for using the latter awards. The reason is that many view these materials as being more formal and corporate looking. Hence are popular with annual conferences and University Graduations.

Many in the corporate world also consider medals, which are used mostly in sporting events as options. However, trophies are considered more as souvenirs than awards. This puts them on a higher scale on the popularity bar.

Glass trophies are usually used in corporate and business functions. Though they are mainly clear, they also come in other colors such as green, amber, and golden. Their crystal cousins because of them being more expensive are used in big mostly international events. In addition, their diamond like quality gives them a sophisticated and elegant edge over their glass cousins. However, glass ones are more popular because of their average prices. This means that they are neither too cheap nor too expensive. Of the three types of acrylic are the cheapest and most flexible. The material that manufactures them, which is also known as Plexiglas, resembles glass but is made from a clear plastic material. One of the qualities of acrylic that gives them an edge over the other two, is the fact that it is flexible and has a force resistant quality, which makes it very easy to form shape and engrave on.

Diversity And Cultural Competence In The Workplace Affect Your Bottom Line

September 6th, 2014

Diversity And Cultural Competence In The Workplace Affect Your Bottom Line

The Importance of Diversity in Business:
In today’s ever expanding global market place an understanding of diversity is perhaps more important than ever. Knowing your organization’s attitudes, perceptions, and behaviors about diversity can lead to greater business success.
Workplace Discrimination Facts:
In Fiscal Year 2006 the EEOC received the following number of discrimination charges, and recovered the following monetary benefits for charging parties and other aggrieved individuals.
Age Discrimination = 16,548 charges/$51.5 million recovered.
Disability Discrimination = 15,575 charges/$48.8 million recovered.
National Origin = 8,327 charges/$21.2 million recovered.
Racial Discrimination = 27,238 charges/$61.4 million recovered.
Religious Discrimination = 2,541 charges/$5.7 million recovered.
Sex-based Discrimination = 23,247 charges/$99.1 million recovered.
Sexual Orientation Discrimination -Studies conducted since the mid-1990s found that 15% – 43% of LGB respondents experienced discrimination in the workplace. (8%-17% were fired or denied employment; 10%-28% were denied a promotion or given negative performance evaluations; 7%-41% were verbally/physically abused or had their workplace vandalized; and 10%-19% reported receiving unequal pay or benefits.)
15% – 57% of transgender people also report experiencing employment discrimination.
Workplace Diversity Facts:
According to Harvard Business School professors Robin Ely and David Thomas, the benefit of diversity alone, done right, pays off not just in a better company, but a more productive one.
Ultimately, the strength of commitment by a company’s leadership will determine whether the organization successfully leverages workplace diversity for competitive advantage.
The State of Diversity Today:
Data collected by the EEOC reveals that there was an increase in workplace discrimination from FY 2005-2006. For example Diversity Inc. reports that “Since October 2006, the number of noose sightings has steadily risen to more than 40 reported incidents.”
Some experts blame this change in the diversity climate on changes in the economy, noting that when the economy is teetering individuals may look for scapegoats. Others see it as a predictable backlash to the previous climate of increased diversity. Many say it is a combination of both.
Cultural Competence:
Fortunately for their bottom line many organizations, perhaps yours, have made diversity an important aspect of their overall strategic plan and mission. However, diversity alone does not equal cultural competence. Cultural competence is the ability to effectively relate to and communicate with people within and outside your organization from diverse ethnic, racial, cultural, economic, social, and linguistic backgrounds.
Becoming culturally competent is a dynamic process between leadership, employees and customers that requires cultural knowledge and skill development at all service levels, including strategic planning, policymaking, administration, and practice.
To be most effective Diversity Initiatives must:
Clearly Define Their Mission
Remain Relevant
Convey Their Relevance to the Company
Be Culturally Competent
Be Resilient in Changing Climates
Be Stategic and Proactive in their Approach
Achieving Your Mission:
Achieving your goals and Mission (Vision of Success) takes strategic planning, organization, and skills development. An Organizational Consultant can help strengthen and increase the effectiveness of your Diversity Initiative as a part of your overall Strategic Plan.